1. Fire Alarm System

Fire Alaram System plays a very important role in detection of fire. ensuring prompt evacuation The Fire Alaram Control Panel is connected to a series of devices like smoke detectors, heat detectors, flame detectors, hooters, pill box, etc. which helps to detect fire and warn people well in advance to take the required action.

There are two types of control panels

1) Intelligent Addressable Fire Alaram System :
Many devices can be connected to this type of panel and hence its can covers a large area.

2) Conventional Fire Alaram System:
For small areas conventional types of fire alaram systems are used and in case of larger areas repeaters are used.

Smoke Detectors/ Heat Detectors: These detectors are integrated with the fire alaram panel and in case of fire when detected due to heat/smoke, it issues an audible alaram there by alerting people to the danger of fire. Smoke detectors are much more sensitive then heat detectors and hence preferable.


Hooter/Pill Box: Are provided on every floor in the building. When a fire occurs on a particular floor, the occupant breaks the glass of the Pill Box thus causing the Hooter to give a loud audible alaram. This alaram will also be reflected on the Main Control panel indicating its position, i.e; the floor at which the fire has started.